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Wood was the primary fuel for cooking for thousands of years, until the development of the gas and electric stoves. Before they came along, pretty much all food was cooked over wood. This required some special skills (after all, there's no number temperature control knob on a wood burner) and resulted in unique tastes and textures that modern stoves can't produce.

There is another type of stove that you can choose from is The Element. Such stoves come in many different varieties and hence once again you have to choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. There are also gas burners that contain burners you can use in case of a power shortage. Other types of stoves contain a coil that is used to allow food to cook faster. If you plan to purchase such a coil cooking stove, you have to remember that a thicker coil can last for longer period of time as compared to a thinner coil.

There was a final four that I had agreements with to sell their stoves and I thought that I had the best until one of these four broke his word without any given reason and the real strange part is that I spent monies advertising his stove and he broke his word and the agreement and he is Amish. I work with a lot of Amish builders and some are no different than us and break their word and that tells me to stay away from them because if he did it to me, he would do it to my clients so I do not nor ever will carry his product. He is not the original manufacturer anyway but both the business from the innovator whose shop was located in Montana and this person resides in Indiana.